Sunday, February 22, 2015

iBooks Author - The 12 Step Program for Classroom Success

This week in The Fish Bowl, we present a session that is the result of considerable request. This is our 12 Step Program to using iBook Author, either for personal use or for use in the classroom. Tried and tested in the classroom, we hope you find the presentation a useful resource for you and your students. 

  1. Understand the components of an iBook and be able to in turn teach students how to create one.
  2. All participants to create an iBook using the provided assets (see screenshot below).

Session Overview:

You will create the basic framework of an interactive iBook. Content will be extremely basic, and will use supplied assets. 


  1. Please feel free to take a copy of the presentation and use/modify for your own classroom/PD purposes -
  2. Download this folder. It contains the assets used for assembling your basic iBook using iBooks Author -

Resources to help get the most out of your iBook experience:

Formatting images for iBook
5 Reasons to try iBooks
Tips for Motivating Student Writers with iBooks Author

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