Monday, September 1, 2014

Turn the Page: Google Docs in your classroom

Pages is a great word processor, but it makes sharing cross-platforms difficult.  Google Docs, however, has more powerful features, and is much easier to share to others.

The Goal of this session is to improve communication, collaboration, and quality of feedback.

  • Title document (Click Untitled Document in the top right corner)
  • Sharing options (Share button > Invite people to doc or Change who has access)
  • Page orientation, margins, page color (File > Page Setup)
  • Titles and headings (Toolbar)
  • Add a link (Insert > Link)
  • More fonts... (Toolbar > More fonts...)
  • Table of contents (Insert > Table of contents)
  • Inserting a drawing (Insert > Drawing)
  • Drag images into doc (Insert > Image)
  • Equations (Insert > Equations > New equation > Greek letters, Misc operations, Relations, Math operations, or Arrows)
  • Table (Table > Insert table > Choose number of boxes)
  • Customizing the table (Right click > Table properties)
  • Research (Tools > Research)
  • Export (File > Download as)
  • Revision history (File > See revision history > Restore this revision)
  • Translate document (Tools > Translate document > Choose a language)
  • Customize character or word preferences (Tools > Preferences)
  • Suggested Editing (Pencil icon > Editing, Suggesting, or Viewing)
  • Add-ons (Add-ons > Get add-ons)

What you can create with these features:

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