Monday, August 17, 2015


This week in the Fishbowl EdTech presents

Grading & Assessment: 

PowerSchool & Schoology (Enterprise)

Participants: All Middle and High School teachers


In this session you will achieve the following:
  1. Set Grading Term Weight in PowerSchool 
  2. Set Set Grading Categories according to class/Department agreements 
  3. Complete Gradebook Setup in Schoology
  4. Have 1-4 verified by member of  your department

PowerSchool GradeBook

Open PowerSchool Gradebook, and select your first Course for 2015-16. You will need to set up: Rounding, Categories, and your Reporting Terms.


All Gradebooks should be set to Round grades to 1 decimal. 

  • Click on Gradebook in the upper left hand corner next to the Apple. 
  • Click on Preferences
  • Navigate to the second tab, Grading
  • Ensure Rounded is selected and in the Store calculated grades up to: 1 decimal places

  • In left side bar, in the 'Categories' box, use the + symbol to add new Grade Categories if your required Categories are not already populated.
  • Do not delete the Projects category, this category is necessary for PowerSchool and Schoology to communicate.

Reporting Terms
You will need to setup your S1, C1, E1 and S2, C2, and E2 reporting terms.
  • Navigate to the fourth tab and open Grade Setup
  • Double click on S1
    • Select Term Weights/Standard Weights and set your percentages.
      • Middle School: C1 should be 100% and E1 0%
      • Hight School: C1 should be 85% and E1 15% *Double check with your departments
    • Repeat for S2

  • Setup Categories Weights in C1 and C2: Now in your Grade Setup, add the Categories you set up earlier and associated weights to the C1 term.
  • Double click on C1 
    • Click on Add Category
    • Give each category a percentage but they must up to 100%. 
      • Example: Formative 80%, Summative 20%
      • Don't forget to set up C2. 
  • E1 and E2 (Final Exam, Semesters 1 and 2)
    • MS 0%
    • HS 15%
    • Total Points (this is the default)

  • Do you this same setup for multiple Courses? It's easy to copy this first perfect setup. On S1 and C1, right select using your trackpad or mouse, and Copy Grade Setup -- Entire Class. Check the boxes for the Courses you want this configuration sent to. 
  • Complete any/all other setup in PowerSchool


  • You can sync Schoology assignments to PowerSchool GradeBook
  • PowerSchool does not however recognize the Grading Category that is applied inside Schoology, requiring this small piece of double handling. i.e. Once an assigment is posted and synced with PowerSchool you need to go to PowerSchool Gradebook and apply the correct category to your synched grade item. Annoying....yes. But better than double entering assignment. The preset Schoology category for ALL assignments is Projects.
  • PowerSchool is the only definitive reference for student's Overall Semester grades. Think of Schoology a communication tool.
For each of your Courses, you are however required to setup your Gradebook, in the same manner as PowerSchool, in order to sync assignments. This is for the duration of 2015-16.
It's easy to do:

  • Go to your Course
  • Click on Gradebook 
  • Then click on Gradebook Setup
  • On the Category section click on Add. 
    • Category Name =Projects, Calculated By = total points, Weight =100

  •  Grading Periods & Final Weights > Select EDIT
  • Select C1 and E1 in the 2015-2016 School Year, and deselect any other periods

  • Enter all values in line with your PowerSchool setup. 
    • MS --> C1=100, E1=0
    • HS -->C1=85%, E1=15% *double check with your department heads
    • Select Grade Scale -->KIS/Powerschool HS and MS. 
    • Tick the boxes -->  Hide overall grade from student reports

 Once your setup is perfect you can copy it to other courses.

 Download the presentation -   FB Powerschool and Schoology Setup 15-16
In order to ensure accuracy in setting up your PowerTeacher Gradebooks, and to detail the tie in with Schoology, we need all new and returning MS and HS teachers to attend one of the FishBowl sessions next week. It would be ideal if teachers could attend with other members of their departments.

Please find the Monday through Thursday timings below.

Session 1 8:10 am - 8:50 am
Session 2 9:40 am - 10:20 am
Session 3 11:20 pm - 12:00 pm
Session 4 2:10 pm - 2:50 pm

If the above sessions do not fall during one of your free periods, please contact EdTEch and we will arrange an alternate training time.

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