Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Infographics, Charts & Posters

Want easy tools to make awesome displays?  Want students to output data collected in an interesting way?  How the heck do I get that big thing to print out on my teeny-tiny printer?  All things answered here.

canva.com A website that creates great graphics, without much hassle.  Does have in-app purchases, but they can be avoided easily.

piktochart.com Very similar to canva, but it can interpret data in spreadsheets for use with Charts.  Fill in the form here, and we will see how this works!
color.adobe.com Keep your colors collected!  Also has an iOS app, that allows you to upload images to create your custom color palette.
rasterbator.net Don't let the name put you off.  This is a website that allows you to create poster sized images, with an A4 desktop printer.  This feature can also be done in Adobe Acrobat, but this does not add in some of rasterbater's filters.

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