Graduate Credit

Grad Credit

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Graduate Credit !

Improving Student Learning
Korea International School values your dedication to improving in your craft. We are proud to announce that you may earn graduate credit, Clock Hours (Washington), or PDU (Oregon) for your participation in professional development in the Fish Bowl. Our program is accredited through  The Heritage Institute and graduate credit is earned through Antioch University in Washington. Contact EdTech for current fee rate.

If you are interested in earning graduate credit, see the syllabus below.

Registration deadline for graduate credit is September 4.


Clock Hours or PD Units
Teachers who are certified in Washington State can apply for Clock Hours, and Teachers who are certified in Oregon State can apply for PDU, for the actual time spent in FishBowl sessions.  Simply attend the sessions, fill out the form, and contact EdTech for final approval.

Maximum 10 hours.       Cost: $15

Registration deadline for Clock Hours and PDU is April 4.
We Build Capacity!
Create - Innovate - Redefine
Certificate of Attendance
All FishBowl Attendees will receive a certificate for all sessions attended.


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