The EdTech Vision

EdTech Vision and Role Description
The role of the Technology Integration Specialist

The role of the Technology Integration Specialist is to assist you to be able to use technology successfully to advance your student's learning outcomes. As experienced teachers from a range of curriculum and grade level backgrounds, and from a variety of educational settings, we see this as a very different role to that of the traditional 'I.T. Teacher'. Unlike the I.T. teacher, whose focus is on developing the specific I.T. skills and competencies, our role is instead to integrate technology, where appropriate, across all curriculum areas. Our view is that technology should only be used when it offers the most engaging and potential for success in terms of student learning.

As technology integration specialists we therefore seek to develop your confidence and range of skills and abilities so that you have a greater arsenal of teaching tools to call upon when the opportunity presents itself.

Our role therefore can be seen as comprising 3 branches:
  1. Collaborative teaching in the classroom with the regular classroom teacher.
  2. Professional Development.
  3. Classroom Support (having an Ed Tech Specialist in your classroom to assist and if necessary 'fall-back' on).
  4. Unit and lesson planning in collaboration with classroom teachers to incorporate technology when and if appropriate.
  5. Development of Professional Learning Networks (PLN), in particular through the adoption of social media practices such as Twitter and Instagram.

Role and Responsibilities
  • Assist the IT Coordinator with the development, review and implementation of IT benchmarks and standards for students, teachers, and administrators.
  • Assist teachers in the development of their ability to effectively integrate technology into the curriculum for their level and subject area of instruction.
  • Assist staff and administration in the efficient and effective use of technology to carry out their roles and responsibilities.
  • Assist in the development and delivery of technology related professional development both within divisions and school-wide.
  • Assist in the development, promotion and delivery of parent learning opportunities.
  • Promote ethical use of technology.

Teaching and Instruction
  • Move all teachers towards independence in the delivery of technology instruction within the integrated curriculum model:
    • Planning: lead/consult in planning of lessons/units.
    • Teaching: lead/assist/co-teach lessons with the regular classroom teacher.
    • Assessment: assist teachers in the assessment and reporting of standards and benchmarks.
    • Promote the safe use of technology, especially online and internet safety.
  • Assist in differentiation for highly able and struggling students through the use of technology.

Professional and Personal Qualities we aspire to:
1. Personal Skills and Abilities
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with staff, students and parents.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Acknowledged leadership and collaboration skills.
  • Acknowledged ability to manage change.
  • Involved in continuous professional growth and leadership.
2. Knowledge
  • A sound understanding of 21st century skills in education.
  • A sound understanding of collaborative planning.
  • A sound understanding of inquiry-based practices.
  • Involved in continuous professional growth and leadership.
3. Experience
  • Demonstrable success in using 21st century skills in the classroom.
  • Demonstrable success in fostering a range of digital skills and attitudes in others.
  • Experience in leading others in a variety of contexts.

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