Sunday, November 16, 2014

Your Devices Connected: Yosemite, iOS8, & iCloud.

The session Keynote is above.  Click on the Picture to Join in.

The Goal for the Session is to give an overview of some of the fantastic changes to your Apple Devices since the launch of iOS 8, and the Yosemite Mac Operating System.  

Apple is giving you new tools to collaborate, keep organised, and stay productive.

1) iCloud & iCloud Drive (System Preferences / Settings)
2) iWork:  it's like Google Docs for Online Collaboration.
3) Sharing.  AirDrop, Email (GMail), Social Media.  (Settings / Internet Accounts)
4) iPhone / iPad Integration, Notifications & Handoff.
5) Family Sharing.

Activity for Differentiation of the session:

The activities for the session, are in the slides.  But here is an additional link to the activity.

Question:  In the comments for the blog post, write one way you might start using these features to help your students, or just for yourself.

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