Monday, August 18, 2014

Grading and Assessment Setup: PowerSchool and Schoology (Enterprise)

Grading & Assessment: PowerSchool & Schoology (Enterprise)


All Middle and High School teachers
This session is designed for teachers at Korea International School, Pangyo and Seoul Campus, South Korea. All teachers in Middle and High School are expected to have Outcome 5 verified, as required by Building Principals to ensure consistency and accuracy regarding grading and assessment for the start of the 2014-15 academic year.


In this session you will achieve the following:

  1. Set Grading Term Weight in PowerSchool (Middle and High School)
  2. Set Set Grading Categories according to class/Department agreements (Middle and High School)
  3. Complete Gradebook Setup in Schoology (Elementary, Middle and High School)
  4. Have 1-4 verified by member of KIS EdTech Department (Middle and High School)


Open PowerSchool Gradebook, and select your first Course for 2014-15
  • Grade Setup
  • Reporting Term Weights
    • C1 and C2 (Course, Semester 1/2)
      • 100% Middle School, Grade 6 only)
      • 90% (Middle School, Grade 7-9
      • 85% (High School including AP courses)
    • E1 and E2 (Exam, Semester 1/2)
      • Total Points (this is the default)

  • Categories
    • Preparation: In left side bar, in the 'Categories' box, use the + symbol to add new Grade Categories if your required Categories are not already populated.

    • Setup Categories Weights: Now in your Grade Setup, add your C1 and C2 Categories and associated weights. The percentage applied must equal 100% (i.e. 100% of the amount given to C1/C2

  • Do you this same setup for multiple Courses? It's easy to copy this 1 perfect setup. On C1, right select using your trackpad or mouse, and Copy Grade Setup -- Entire Class. Check the boxes for the Courses you want this configuration sent to. 
  • Complete any/all other setup in PowerSchool

All Gradebooks should be set to Round grades to 1 decimal.

2. Schoology

Schoology integration with PowerSchool is very new at KIS. As such, we are trialling the integrated Gradebooks. 

  • Schoology will send any grade you give to PowerSchool, live.
  • PowerSchool does not however recognise the Grading Category that is applied inside Schoology, requiring this small piece of double handling. i.e. Once a grade is posted you need to go to PowerSchool Gradebook and apply the correct category to your synched grade item. Annoying....yes. But better than double entering every grade for every student.
  • PowerSchool is for now the only definitive reference for student's Overall Semester grades. Think of Schoology right now as a synched spreadsheet that makes it easier to create, collect and grade assessments. 
For each of your Courses, you are however required to setup your Gradebook, in the same manner as PowerSchool. This is for the duration of 2014-15 so that we can assess the success of this part of Schoology. 

It's easy to do:

1. Go to your Course
2. Gradebook
3. Gradebook Setup
4. Next to Grading Periods & Final Weights > Select EDIT
5. Select C1 and E1, and deselect any other periods
6. Check the box for Weight Categories and enter each Category you have. 
7. Select Grade Scale 'KIS...or AP'
8. Enter all values in line with your PowerSchool setup. 

Finish! Now have your Setups checked by a member of EdTech. Please complete the Exit Survey (Fish Food) to have your attendance recorded for verification purposes as well as PD hours. 

Creating an Assignment:

This is a descriptive, but reasonably fast paced guide to creating and grading assignments in Schoology. Feel free to get the jump on this; however be advised that this will be the topic of our next Fish Bowl session (next week). 


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