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One2World Revolution Week 2015 Starts Here

The Revolution... it's not 1:1 it's One2World 

The One2WorldRevolution is an opportunity to celebrate and share what has happened in the Grade 3-5 team since the start of 13-14. We designed the program with great emphasis placed on learning and the processes that are involved in this. We want students who are engaged, excited and deeply involved in the design and processes of learning. We want students to be communicating and engaging beyond the classroom walls. This is our vision for 1:World. There has been a revolution. 

In 2015-16 our first group of One to World students will enter the Middle School. They will be required to have a MacBook as per usual, but unlike any previous intake, they will be armed and dangerous in the use of iPads. Serious skill and seriously different to previous years.

We have an exciting menu ready for you to participate. 
  • Student Team Presentations: Theme: "Learning we are passionate about and want to share with you..."
  • Teacher presentations about effective strategies and uses of technology. 
  • Open Classrooms - During these sessions you are free to visit the classroom and gain a snapshot of life in that One2World classroom.
  • Student Q&A Panel We have assembled a panel of Student Experts from our One2World team. They have a message for teachers in Middle and High School...
Session Structure:

4 days, 16 sessions (4 per day) - 8.20; 10.20; 12:35; 2.05 (i.e. regular Fish Bowl times)
Full session descriptions are below the schedule, so keep reading:


One2WorldRevolution Monday May 18

8:20am Teacher Presentation: You Don't Know Jack - And That's Totally Cool! with Colleen McCabe in The Fish Bowl
An informal discussion, Q&A session for teachers. What to expect? What do you need to know and be prepared for? How will this change your instruction?
Bring to this session: Open Mind!

10:20am Open Classroom: Student Selected Showcase with Katie Fleetwood's Grade 3 Class
Come and see what's going on with Katie's class. Students will be showing various pieces of their work...and taking requests. 

12:35pm Student Q&A Panel: Ask our Student Experts
2 panels of (student) experts has been assembled and await dialogue with their future teachers. Come and ask questions and meet students from our One2World classes. They have information to share with you about how they use technology...

2:05pm Teacher Presentation: Getting The Most Out Of Google Drawings In Your Classroom with Megan Godek
Learn how to use Google Draw with your classrooms to enhance student learning. You will be able to see how students can be creative while applying knowledge about standards. As a teacher you can make more creative assessments in which the students can manipulate. Google Draw allows students and teacher to have fun and be creative during the learning process.
Bring to this session: MacBook

One2WorldRevolution Tuesday May 19

8:20am Student Team Presentation: Immersive Storytelling via Touchcast with Brian and Murphy 
Grade 4 students Brian and Murphy will combine their two creative passions to show students can make presentations AND stories come alive. They will use the Touchcast app to share how to use immersive storytelling in the classroom.
Bring to this session: Open minds!
Location - The Fish Bowl

10:20am Teacher Presentation: One2World: Lessons from the introduction of this program with Ben Summerton
The backstory to the introduction of One2World and iPads in the Elementary School
This is an abridged version of a session presentation from 21CL Hong Kong 2014. It explains how and why KIS introduced 1:1 iPads: the challenges and triumphs!
Location - The Fish Bowl

12:35pm Student Team Presentation: Minecraft and Google Sheets with Phillip and Brandon
Phillip and Brandon will be showing Google Sheets and how they've been using for math and then taking the data and building their store in MineCraft. This is a project of great passion and should not be missed!Bring to this session: smiles...!
Location - The Fish Bowl

2:05pm Student Team Presentation: Drawing, Building, and Posting in the Classroom with Hannah and Yeoni
Grade 5 students Hannah and Yeoni will go over the benefits of using Google Draw, Minecraft, and Blogger in the classroom. They will show how it has been used this year and brief overviews of how to use each product on either iPads or MacBooks. 
Bring to this session: Macbook and iPads
Location - The Fish Bowl

One2WorldRevolution Wednesday May 20

8:20am Student Team Presentation: iBooks: Researching and Publishing a Non-Fiction text with AJ, Ahmad, Connor, Camilla, Aiva and Sarah
Grade 3 students AJ, Ahmad, Camilla, Aiva and Sarah will share how they used their iPads to research a chosen topic in order to write a nonfiction text.  They will then share how they used iBooks Author to publish their book and then how they share this with themselves and published the text in iBooks.  The rest of the class will be positioned throughout the room to share their iBook and to answer any questions.
Location - The Fish Bowl

10:20am Student Team Presentation: Freedom of Choice - Creation & Innovation with Minwoo
In a recent Civil War project, students were offered six different tasks or problems to solve. They formed groups and chose the task or problem they were most interested in. They then used any tools, devices, resources to complete the task or solve the problem. Grade 4 student Minwoo will give an overview of that structure and then share what his team completed.
Location - The Fish Bowl

12:35pm Student Team Presentation: Reading Rotation Activity with Google Drive with Yoonseo and Christie
Grade 4 students Yoonseo and Christie will be showing how to use Story Cubes on Google Drive, on the iPad. They will explain their literacy activity by demonstrating and inviting participating in a short activity. 
Bring to this session: Imagination
Location - The Fish Bowl

2:05pm Open Classroom: The Civil War with Colleen McCabe's Grade 4 Class
Students will be using technology as they see fit - research, creation - some will have products that feature no technology, others will have only technology, while others will have a mix of both. This is authentic technology integration where technology does not occupy centre-stage. 

One2WorldRevolution on Thursday May 21

8:20am Teacher Presentation: Happy Apps with Molly Rance
I'll introduce this concept, talk about why and how it works, and do a quick run-through with the participants so they can try it out!
Bring to this session: Your iPad (but iPads will be available to use if you don't bring one)
Location - The Fish Bowl

10:20am Open Classroom: Historical Writing with Megan Godek's Grade 5 Class
We will be using Touchcast to finalize historical writing pieces. 

12:35pm Student Q&A Panel: Ask our Student Experts
A panel of (student) experts has been assembled and await dialogue with their future teachers. Come and ask questions and meet students from our One2World classes. They have information to share with you about how they use technology...
Location - The Fish Bowl

2:05pm Teacher Presentation: Explain Everything: Explained with Amalia Kingsbury
Explain Everything is an easy-to-use interactive whiteboard and screen-casting tool. You can annotate, animate, narrate, and import almost anything into your presentations. And best of all you can share to almost anywhere.
Location - The Fish Bowl

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